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Available Applications for Marriage Certificate

Name Number Pages Options
Alaska Heirloom Marriage Certificate Application n/a 2
Alaska Marriage Certificate Application n/a 2
Arkansas Marriage Record Application VR-9 1
British Columbia Death, Marriage Certificate Application VSA430m 2
California Marriage/Divorce Certificate Application VS113-A 1
Colorado Application for Marriage Record N/A 2
Connecticut Application for Civil Union Certificate (State Office Request) VS-39CUST 1
Connecticut Application for Civil Union Certificate (Town/City Request) VS-39CU 5
Connecticut Application for Marriage Certificate (State Office Request) VS-39MST 1
Delaware Marriage Certificate Application n/a 1
Florida Application for Marriage Certificate DH form 743 2
Hawaii Application for Copy of Marriage Record OHSM137 2
Illinois Application for Verification of a Marriage Record P.O. #146009 10M 1
Iowa Application for Commermorative Marriage Certificate n/a 1
Kansas Application for Marriage Record VS-237 2
Kentucky Application for Marriage/Divorce Certificate VS-230 1
Louisiana Application for Marriage Certificate PHS 520C 2
Maryland Application for Marriage Certificate N/A 1
Michigan Application for Marriage Record DCH-0569-MX 1
Mississippi Application for Marriage Record 502 1
Missouri Application for Copy of Marriage/Divorce Statements VS-151 1
Montana Application for Search of Marriage/Divorce Indexes n/a 1
Nebraska Application for Marriage Certificate n/a 1
Nevada Marriage/Divorce Application n/a 1
New Hampshire Application for Marriage Certificate VS B-1 1
New York City Application for Marriage Record n/a 2
New York State Application for Marriage Certificate DOH-4382 2
North Dakota Marraige Application n/a 2
Oregon Marriage Record Application 45/13c/Marriage 1
Puerto Rico Application for a Marriage Certificate RD-225 3
Rhode Island Marriage Record Application VS-82M 1
South Carolina Application for Marriage Certificate DHEC 0678 1
South Dakota Application for a Marriage Record n/a 2
Tennessee Application for a Marriage Certificate PH-1670 1
Texas Application for Marriage/Divorce Verification VS 142.9 1
Utah Application for Marriage/Divorce Certificate UDOH-OVRS-11 1
Vermont Marriage Certificate Application N/A 2
Wisconsin Marriage Certificate Application DPH 5281 2
Wyoming Marriage/Divorce Certificate Application n/a 1
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